How to become a registered medical examiner of divers (MED)

This databank contains medical examiners of occupational divers and hyperbaric workers of any country of the world, mainly Europeans. The reason to be here is to show to professional divers or hyperbaric workers that you are a recognised MED in your country and registered by the International Diving Medical Expert Board (IDMEB), that means by a University based international scientific authority. You will be visible to diving contractors, employers of hyperbaric workers, who can recognise your approved competence. You will be visible to professional divers and hyperbaric workers who are looking for a doctor for their medical assessment for fitness to dive. The conditions to be registered by the IDMEB are as follows:

-    If you have successfully passed an Level1 course (MED) which is approved by DMAC/EDTC you will be accepted.

-    Other training courses must be interpreted by the candidate himself (comparing the EDTC standards). If found to be equivalent, apply with upload of your diploma copy. Diplomas should clearly state the level (EDTC Level1 or higher) and the number of lectures and address of training institution must be visible. With your application you declare that you have assessed your formal training as in conformance to the above mentioned standards.

-    Grandfathering: Those who got competence through a long standing practice examining divers may apply sending a CV and a motivation letter to the national coordinator (this means instead of the diploma you have to upload the mentioned documents). The application will be checked and approved by the national coordinator, eventually backed up by the IDMEB.

  • You need to have a practice address to examine divers or hyperbaric workers, including a medical practice license by the health authorities.
  • You must be legitimated or accredited by the Labour department of your country for performing fitness to dive medical of occupational divers.
  • With your application you accept the principle of continuous professional development and that you have to renew your registration within 5 years. You will download the logbook from the homepage and maintain a record of your activities. The logbook has to be uploaded in the last step of Your application.
  • As the aim of the databank is to make you visible to professional divers and to employers, you accept to be publically visible for those who enter the homepage of The databank will show your name, your level of competence and your address including phone number. Furthermore, you can inform the databank visitor about your practical experience in a free text frame (optional). Any other information we need for the databank will be kept protected and confidential.