The International Diving Medical Expert Board IDMEB 

The International Diving Medical Expert Board IDMEB (formarly called certifying board) is the institution assuring quality standards, fairness and transparent processes of the diving medical databank This body is hosted by contract at the  Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e di Perfezianamento Sant'Anna, Pisa (SSSU Pisa), technically managed by the Institute of Clinical Physiology of CNR in Pisa (Italy),  and with support by the European Diving Technology Committee EDTC, the Diving Medical Advisory Committee DMAC  and the South Africa Underwater and Hyperbaric Medical Association SAUHMA.

The board members are acknowledged experts in the field with long standing experience with occupational diving or/and hyperbaric work. The names and professional engagements of its members are published on the website (to be defined soon). The duties of the IDMEB are:

-       Patronage of the diving medical databank

-       Preparing an assessment of advanced diving medical physicians to be registered at the databank

-       Assisting in international exchange of information and synchronising efforts of non-European countries to register their diving medical physicians.

-       Additional members of the board are nominated as required upon their applications.