The Certifying Board has got new members that were nominated after retirement of some of the founding members. The members of the reconstituted board are Remo Bedini (databank manager), Jean-Eric Blatteau, Jordi Desola (Chairman), Olaf Sande Eftedal, Pasquale Longobardi, Jack Meintjes, Jan Risberg, Akin Savas Toklu, Roland vanden Eede (Vice-Chairman), Jurg Wendling (administration), Alf Brubbak (retired), David Elliott (retired), Antonio L'Abbate (retired).

The Certifying Board has become a face, being visible on the website. It has become the "International Diving Medical Expert Board IDMEB" with its own logo.

The databank has been consolidated and getting populated slowly but steadily. Until now only Level 1 Diving Medicine Physicians (MEDs) can be designated, as we have not yet established the assessment for Level 2D competence.

Organising the assessment of Level 2D has unfortunately not progressed yet, as the formal basis of such a procedure had to be cleared first.

Next steps:

  • To establish a roadmap to synchronise the efforts of EDTC, DMAC and IMCA to establish an assessment procedure and the necessary steps of recognition of achieved levels of progress of the diving medicine trainees
  • Re-approve the statutes and renew the agreement SSSA Pisa - EDTC (which transposes the Pisa initiative)
  • To merge the efforts of similar organisations in other continents with our initiative in order to become a really international platform