In order to organise a final assessment for recognition of Diving Medicine Physicians acting as advisors for the diving industry, the formal basis, which is the EDTC/ECMH standards for training of such doctors, had to be updated and some procedural steps had to be clarified.

In agreement with ECHM, the EDTC has developed a new standard for that purpose which now serves as a complement to the (unchanged) standards for medical training of diving medicine physicians EDTC/ECHM 2011. The new EDTC standard called "Competence Standards for Physicians of Occupational Diving and Tunnelling Companies" has been endorsed by the IDMEB and the development has been accompanied by DMAC and the CAWG (Compressed Air Work Group of the British Tunnelling Association, connected to ITA). These standards were agreed at the EDTC meeting 2018, published January 2019.

Next steps:

  • The implementation of the assessment procedure for DMAs is still to be organised
  • Statutes and the agreement SSSA Pisa - EDTC - IDMEB was prepared, still to be signed
  • The diving doctor's registry needs to change name into an international one. The new site is to be called DIVEMEDREG. We also have to establish agreements with national coordinators from none European countries joining the registry.